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Margeret - 10 Febrero 12:56

Amaia Bilbao'm, une femme mariée, j'ai un super physique, j'aime des séances de sexe Je l'aime beaucoup, dans mes services que je grec

Mcglynn - 18 Marzo 02:56

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Vicenta - 17 Octubre 13:39

What the hell. I came out as ace about a year after this video was posted, without having seen this until now. I've been subscribed all this time! If I had seen this when it was posted, I'd have figured myself out a year earlier!

Edison - 27 Enero 21:57


Frank - 9 Diciembre 11:19

I don't understand the vehement (though respectful opposition to including kink in the LGBTQ initialism. To imply that those who identify with that label are somehow undeserving is just as closed-minded and potentially harmful as the limitations the woman placed on the questioning/bisexual person Dr. Doe described in the video. Why would anyone ever want to keep someone from feeling more secure, comfortable, welcome, and validated for their individual experience, particularly those who do find themselves in those letters? Why can't there be room enough for everyone? What harm does it cause to be inclusive?

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